Hello from the Jivefrenzy Crew

Name: Kane Jenner
Teacher at Rawson Hall, Bolney and Part time teacher at Lancing Parish Hall
Years dancing: 20
I am the owner of Jivefrenzy. I have been passionate about Modern Jive for 20 years, teaching across the country, taking part in dance weekends as a DJ and running charity events. I am very proud of my Jivefrenzy crew that I now call family.


Name: Mark Grout
Teacher at Heene Community Centre and Part time teacher at Lancing Parish Hall

Years dancing: 14
I took up Modern Jive in 2008 having previously learned ballroom for several years. I have danced at many venues both locally and nationally and have been to several dance weekenders. As I developed as a dancer, I started teaching around 2017 and gained formal accreditation as a teacher in September 2022. I am a member of the Leroc Modern Jive Federation and the UKA Dance Association.


Name: Teresa French
Teacher at Heene Community Centre and Part time teacher at Lancing Parish Hall
Years dancing:
When looking for a new hobby in early 2018, it was a toss-up between Modern Jive and Salsa classes on the same night. Luckily I chose Modern Jive and have not looked back since. I love being able to dance on holiday, at parties, and at other venues across the country, and the warm, inclusive nature of the Modern Jive dance scene.


Name: Amy Packer
Years dancing: I have been dancing since I was 3, ballet, tap and modern. I only started Modern Jive when I was in my late teens. I dragged a few friends along and fell in love with it. After a couple of years life took over and I stopped dancing. Fast forward 12 years and a friend asked me if I wanted to dust off my dancing shoes and go to Jive frenzy. I absolutely love dancing, its fab exercise, without feeling like it and everyone is super friendly and helpful. I have a new bunch of crazy dance friends and I love it!


Name: Val
Years dancing: I have been dancing on and off since the late 1990s when a colleague suggested I take Modern Jive lessons from the best friend of her husband. She said “You’ll love it” and she was right. I love moving  to the music and the social side of dance has given me many friends.

I’ve always wanted to crew and couldn’t be happier now that I’ve joined the Jive Frenzy team.


Name: Neil Vine
Years dancing: 16 years on and off
Modern Jive gives me a fabulous social scene, a time to escape and enjoy the music and movement of dance. Dancing really brings me so much fun, I couldn’t imagine my life without dance in it. When I began dancing 16 years ago he lovely Sally was my inspirational teacher and I am still here dancing with her, although I have tried to get away from her many times!!! I can honestly say dancing has become my passion and it has helped me in a lot of aspects in life. I highly recommend everyone should give it a go.


Name: Ebru Fish
Years dancing:


Name: Andrew Fish
Years dancing:


Name: Nikki Fallows
Years dancing: I started my dancing journey 10 years ago after meeting someone on a cruise who did modern jive and doing some dance lessons with him on that. He convinced me to find a local jive group and from there I never looked back. My daughter also saw my enthusiasm for it and joined me in learning it. I lost weight and started to build a social circle that is still with me now. I got invited to not only dance events but attended birthday parties, BBQs, weekenders, weddings and nights out and made lasting bonds with lovely people. Everyone was so friendly, open and honest and before long I was hooked and my life was changed forever. 10 years in and I still love it. Dancing is like breathing and being part of a team like Jive frenzy is like having an extended family.


Name: Neil Marsh
Years dancing: It all started when I went to my first modern jive beginners class in 2003; the great support from all of the Crew at that class and the music got me hooked. I still go to classes around the country when I travel, and get a buzz from dancing with dancers of all ages and experiences. This can be found all over, none less than here with Jive Frenzy! It was a lovely surprise to be asked to join the Jive Frenzy Crew. Thank you! I would love to support and encourage any dancer at any stage of their dance journey and put back into modern jive the enjoyment that I continue to get at Jive Frenzy and elsewhere. Please ask me for a dance. I won’t say no!


Name: Chess Thomas
Years dancing:


Name: Helen Willis
Years dancing:


Name: Audrey Bedingfield
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Name: Lisa Harvey
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Name: Graham
Years dancing: