Thank you for visiting the Jive Frenzy fund page

With Coronovirus spreading around the globe and with medical advice telling us to stay indoors, venues are closing we have to find new ways to keep the ethos of Jive Frenzy alive and bringing you all the passion of dancing to you in the comfort of your home.

We are working on content for you to enjoy, and this will be made available to you as soon as it is ready, on top of that our own resident DJ Kane Jenner will be brining you live DJ sets to get you up, out of your seat and dancing.

We want you to have fun and if you would like to donate to keep Jive Frenzy being able to provide these services this would be gratefully appreciated, any donated funds will be used to bring you content and keep everyone moving until we can open the doors to our lessons in person once more.

Thank you in advance for any donation you choose to give, together we can keep dancing together as a family wherever you are.

Thank you to everyone who has been to our classes and enjoyed our passion.

Stay Safe and keep dancing!

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