8pm – 10:30pm

Looking to develop your Modern Jive?

Then join us every Tuesday at The Ladies Mile in Patcham.


Our Smooth, Blues and Funky class nights will focus on teaching you the art of this slotted style of Modern Jive.

So what is slotted Jive? 

Slotted Jive is is a fun social dance that is taught and danced in a slot. It is often referred to as a stylish modern partner dance without the complicated footwork!

The dance slot is an imaginary narrow rectangle within which the follower moves back and forth in relation to the leader, who is comparatively stationary. As a rule, the leader mostly stays in the slot, leaving it only to make room for the follower to pass by. The leader almost never makes the follower circle around when passing by; they may go into a common rotational figure when the follower happens to come close, but such figures are usually in a tight position and do not change the overall “slotted” appearance.

What are the benefits of dancing in a slot?

It’s safer! Slotted Jive tends to be more body led, so reduces the risk of followers being pushed and pulled around the dance floor.

The follower always knows where they are going, which makes the dance far more enjoyable and reduces dizziness caused by circular dances.

It’s a  conversational dance – It allows dancers to develop an equal partnership in the dance and they can be more expressive if they choose.

Most importantly it’s fun, social and easy to learn!


What music is it danced to?

You can dance slotted Jive to a range of music genres between 95 beats per minute (bpm) – 125bpm, including; pop, swing, Latin, R&B and blues.


8pm – Doors Open

8:15pm – Intermediate + Class

8:45pm – 10:30pm  – Social Dancing





Kane Jenner: Qualified UKA LeRoc Federation Teacher

Sally Bates: Qualified UKA LeRoc Federation Teacher



      Ladies Mile Pub (Function Room), 2 Mackie Avenue, Patcham, Brighton, BN1 8RA