federation-white-background-transparent-1401      LEARN MODERN JIVE

Jive Frenzy class nights are a great way to meet people, have fun and keep fit all whilst learning to dance. Our classes are taught by a fully qualified UKA LeRoc Modern Jive Instructor and are delivered in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and promote safety on the dance floor. They cater for different levels of abilities and encourage dancers to develop their confidence and individual style. All classes are suitable for couples & singles, so there is no need to bring a partner with you.

Modern Jive is a dance style in its own right, and although it adapts moves from other dance styles like West Coast Swing, Salsa, Ballroom & Latin etc. It is often described as a fun social partner dance, which is easy to learn as there is no complicated footwork. Modern Jive has many variations and is continually evolving into different trends, styles and fashions; however the dancers from all these variants are still able to dance together. The key to understanding Modern Jive is the beginner moves, these 20-plus moves continually reinforce the ‘absolutes’ to the dance (the consistencies that allow modern jive dancers to dance together, despite their preferences).



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